City veterinarian gives stray dog ‘cart’ for legs

According to a research, India has 250 or more lakh stray dogs. And if you have been keeping abreast with the news they are not a lucky lot. It is not uncommon to find them as hapless victims of rampant cruelty and road accidents.

In many states, stray dog population is controlled through many atrocious ways.

Road accidents are the most common cause of dogs losing their limbs or becoming paralysed and hence having to struggle to survive. Thankfully, one man has risen up to the woes of these wonderful creatures.

Mysuru-based Veterinarian Dr Madan Kompal’s recent feat has made him a popular personality among animal activists and the general public.

Dr Madan Gopal

Talking about Tommy (male mongrel dog) who lost sensation in both of his legs after the accident- Dr Madan Kompal, (surgeon and radiologist) in a chat with this correspondent talks about the wheel cart he designed himself and asks the animal lovers to be aware of solutions to many pet-related problems which could come in handy at times of distress.

Tommy, a stray dog, (an adorable visitor to the residents of Srirampura in city) which lost sensation in both its hind legs in a road accident, is back on its feet but in style after Dr Madan fixed a light-weight cart to it to give it a new lease of life. The cart is dismantled whenever the dog is tired and needs rest. The three-year-old male dog, Tommy, is now roaming freely with the help of the cart. Though not fully recovered, Tommy may require a surgery which will be done if necessary said the doctor.



Dr. Madan Kompal, who fixed the cart, said it was his own invention and could be easily fixed and dismantled just by tightening or loosening a clip. The height, width and length of the cart can be adjusted as per the dog’s convenience. The 10-inch wheels of the cart with ball-bearing, makes sure that the dog’s plastered hind legs do not touch the ground and the he is not stuck in potholes.

The owner of the dog said: “He met with an accident on March 28 and suffered wounds besides getting its spinal cord compressed and was not able to stand. He eventually started defecating, urinating in the same spot where he was sleeping. That is when we took him to Dr Madan and thanks to him, Tommy is like a normal dog. I appreciate Dr Madan and his team at Leela Veterinary Hospital which has all the latest equipment required for any pet emergencies or treatments.

In a special message to the animal lovers in Mysuru, Dr Madan said that this wheel cart could be used on paralysed animals to increase their quality of life. He added that there were solutions for many kinds of problems among pets which they should be aware of like cataract surgeries, orthopaedic surgeries, dental procedures and many kind of health issues.

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