Colossal waste

It is really a pathetic condition in the country to see that food grains worth Rs 92K crore getting wasted starting from crop harvesting, storage of the grains to till it is cooked. There is additional loss of Rs 58K crore in terms of energy resources like water and diesel (30 crores barrels) that is used to grow this much quantity of food grains. Farmers labour and time is included in this loss. Every year 21 crore tons of wheat grains are going to the drain (being wasted at various levels). This was revealed recently by Ministry of Food Processing Industries and this amount is more than three times of budget allocation for entire agriculture (Rs 35.98 K crore). Around the world every year 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted and 3.3 billion tons of green house gases are being released into the atmosphere as a result of agricultural activities to grow this much quantity of food. The steps being taken by the government could not reduce the grain loss considerably. Dumping of vegetables like tomato and onions by the farmers by the road side, whenever the prices slash, should also be considered as food waste. One side food is not available to many poor and hungry and the other side malnutrition is increasing in the country. Administrators need to take appropriate measures to reduce the food waste at various levels , so that the produce obtained after several difficulties is better utilized instead of going to the drain.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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