Civil work permit to clean manhole with bare hands

Mysuru, September 6:- Mysuru has lost the crown of cleanest city in the nation. But if one thinks that the city administration would take this seriously and work to improve the cleanliness of the city, it is nothing but a false belief. Paurakarmikas who keep the city clean are made to work and clean up the man holes with no safety measures and with bare hands.

Drainage system was not functioning at Akkamahadevi Road at JP Nagar. Civil worker Shrinivas was sent to clean up the manhole. He was seen cleaning the manhole with bare hands with no protection and it enraged the public. Corporation inspector Sivakumar said to have sent him to clean the manhole with no safety measures.

Earlier another civil worker was made to clean the manhole at Chamundi Hills. Though the MCC possesses machineries to clean manholes, making civil workers get into manholes has enraged the public. (KS)

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