Classical syndrome

If two policemen committed suicide and another one is threatening to follow suite in Karnataka, this is a situation that has been simmering for years. Probably, Karnataka is not unique for these symptoms are seen all over India. In fact, it has even afflicted bureaucrats also. The malaise can be traced  to the fact that in the present system where the breed of honest policemen and honest officers  has become increasingly a rare the reason is not far to seek. The root cause for this is that today the politics is vitiated  to such an extent that politicians are subverting all systems to protect themselves. This follows the classical phenomenon that officers at higher echelons are pressurised to obey the diktats of politicians. Same thing follows the chain down the line at successive levels to protect their service interest and it only hits a road block when honest officers refuse to yield to pressure. When it becomes too much  to bear, they resort to suicide. 

H R Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysuru


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