Clean City?

Residents of Ward 55 protest lack of basic facilities; 144 families severely affected by sewage that openly flows in lanes and by-lanes.

Residents of Ward 55 took to the streets on Tuesday demanding basic facilities. They shouted slogans against the Slum Board for not installing sewage lines.

The protesters, led by Corporator Shoukath Pasha alleged that the 144 houses built for them lacked basic facilities and children are suffering from dengue and other diseases.

“The Mysuru City Corporation has installed a main underground drainage system in the entire area. The Slum Board has to install sub-lines connecting each building with the main line. Unfortunately, the Slum Board officials have not taken up the work so far,” alleged Shoukath Pasha.

The housing complexes were built under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Rural Mission and sewage water flows on the lanes and by-lanes as there is no sub-connections. “Six children have already been diagnosed with dengue and many residents are falling ill. We need immediate solution to this problem,” residents demanded.

They said that many officials from the district administration including health officials had visited their place but no action has been taken so far.

Addressing protestors, Slum Board Assistant Executive Engineer Thejushree said that the Board would take steps to provide basic facilities. The main UGD line would be connected to the housing complexes within a week, the officer said.

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