Cleanliness drive

The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan campaign in SBM Colony, fourth in succession,   was well attended by the residents on Sunday. After taking a pledge to keep up the cleanliness in and around their  houses and with carrying placards of awareness about swachhata, apart from clearing the garbage, the active  residents, along with Corporator BM Jagadeesh,  went round block Nos. 20 to 25 ,  spoke to households, women and children and advised them  to keep their surroundings free  from plastic and not to throw the garbage on the road sides but to utilize  the door to door collection facility by the MCC. The residents were also advised to grow plants  and water them and develop greenery as it is the key for getting rains. K V Ramanath, Secretary, Mysore Bank Colony Residents cultural & welfare Assn. which has initiated the above exercise, said that this awareness exercise, which has been carried out  every month on second Sunday, for the past four months, has been quite encouraging and found that many  people have come to know about the need for keeping their surroundings clean for a hale and healthy life and was confident that the clean tag for Mysuru would be safeguarded by the people of the heritage city. He was only lamenting about MUDA delaying the process of handing over the layout to MCC even after 20 years of its inception.  The members present included M Basavanna (vice president), Chandrasekhara Udupa (Treasurer), Venkatakrishna Bhat (Joint secretary),  HR Prakash, M R Gopal, Ganeshamujrthy, Shivashankar  from Letusdoit, and other residents and purakarmikas.

KV Ramanath, Mysuru

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