Cleanliness should not only restrict to ground, but also air: Dr Giri

The rampant increase in the sale of two-wheeler motorcycles in India is posing enormous threat to environment as they were the large source of air pollution. Electric vehicles could contribute a lot in improving the situation, said Dr Giri Venkataramanan, professor at UW-Madison, USA,  in his inaugural speech at the one-day symposium on ‘Microgrid and Mobility’ organised by NIE-Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), here on Thursday.

Speaking on the ‘role of solar powered light vehicle in fighting urban air pollution’ Dr Giri pointed out that approximately one crore two-wheelers were sold in India every year in addition to the existing number of vehicles. The level of air pollution was increasing every year putting scores of lives at risk. Adoption of electric vehicles, preferably solar powered, was the future considering the present scenario, he added.

“At the time when India is promoting cleanliness, I must say that cleanliness should not only restrict to the ground, but also air. People should breathe uncontaminated air and micro grid technology in vehicles is the solution,” Dr Giri opined.

Citing the electrification trends in China, Dr Giri pointed out that the number of e-bikes were more than that of all autos and personal cars. “Despite this, China is still encountering the air pollution issue. The situation could turn the same in India if the micro grid technology is not encouraged,” he said and cited the pollution level in New Delhi as an instance occurred due to the excessive emission of carbon dioxides from four-wheelers.

He further said that China had banned conventional motorcycles and scooters in some inner parts of its cities as it had realised that the impact of air pollution was longer, lasting for years.

Dr Giri compared electricity generated from coal, water and other sources to the solar energy and termed the latter beneficial owing to its cost effectiveness, long life, low maintenance, ultra-low emission and plenty of solar source.

He felt the need for more researches in the field of microgrid and encouraged the participants to give wing to their ideas in the field.

Project Manager, Custom Cells, Itzehoe, Germany, Dr Prathik Ranjan Das underscored the importance of batteries for mobility.

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