Climax shoot of film turns tragic for villains, case filed against five

Two Kannada Actors Anil (33) and Raghav Uday (32) who jumped into Thippagondanahalli reservoir during a film shoot, are feared dead. The rescue teams, fire engines, diving experts have continued their efforts to trace the bodies of the duo. Tavarekere police have registered a complaint against five people, including the director Nagashekhar, stunt director Ravi Verma and the producer Sundar P Gowdru. Actor Shivraj Kumar paid a visit to the spot and witnessed the rescue operation, which has not yet succeeded in finding the bodies of the deceased.

“It has been an unbearable tragedy. I have worked with both Anil and Uday. The plight of their families makes me sad. No actor or stuntman should do any action that puts his life to risk,” he said.

Police said that there was no life jacket for the duo. The drowned actors clearly stated that they were not good swimmers and they just hoped everything would be just fine. The actors jumped from a height of 60 feet. The scene was shot at around 2:45 pm on Monday.

“It happened in a flash and before the help arrived, the duo had drowned. They knew to swim, but it was for the first time they were doing such a stunt, which might have caused the tragedy. They wanted to do this stunt as they consider Duniya Vijay as their guru,” said visibly upset stunt director, Ravi Verma.

The rescue teams have completely searched the spot where the actors took a dive  but without any result.  The team has extended the search for the bodies in the surrounding areas.

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