Closing gap between academia, industry key

A robust and functional collaboration should exist between industry and academia. That would augur well for any country, given that it would enable the growth of the education system and also produce employment-ready workforce. The common interaction between the two pillars of society has been that of producer-consumer, where the industry provides feedback to the academia for faulty products rather than providing keen insights and feedback. This has led both sides to develop a frosty relationship.

It is encouraging to note that India is fast emerging as a new innovation destination of choice. The Central government instituted the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to rank institutions across the country. According to NIRF methodology, one of the parameters that carry a lot of weightage is the number of research papers published. Hence, it has become necessary for institutes to collaborate with the industry for research fellowship programmes, which is a win-win for both. Need of the hour is a framework that can bring industries and academia on to a platform for dialogue and collaboration.

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