Chief Minister’s nephew causes ruckus at Chamundi Hills

Mysuru, August 29:- More than our ministers, their kith and kin seem to try and take advantage of power. This is one such case that happened at Chamundi Hills on Thursday.  In the video that has been shared on the social media, Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa’s nephew Rajesh looked agitated with the police when there was no reason. The man in question was seen shouting at police officials for not letting him inside the temple. On their part, the police officials were simply following the protocol.

Yediyurappa was on a visit to the hills along with the party cadre.  His nephew was also part of the team. Police officials informed him that all can’t be allowed to enter the temple for obvious reasons. Enraged by this, Rajesh hurled abuses at DCP-ranked police officials and was seen in a video asking the police to let him go and threatened them of teaching them a lesson. Poor police officials looked helpless as Chief Minister’s close relative was involved in the incident. (MR/KS)


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