Co operate in widening of roads : Commissioner B Ramu

Commissioner B Ramu requested people staying close to the highway to make way for the construction of the 209 national highway into four lane road from 322.800km to 325.400km.

Speaking at a meeting at the Taluk Panchayat office, he asserted that tender has been called and the civil works will soon start for the developmental work of four way path from the forest office to the petrol bunk area and Rs 14.68 crore has been released for the same by the government. He requested the surrounding area people to cooperate in this matter.

Most of the people in this area are poor people and the Government has sanctioned sites and money for the construction of the houses and this will be done through the district administration. And 5 acres of land will be purchased in town for the construction of houses for those who will lose their house during this work and asked the commercial and Town Panchayat’s officers to give a report on this as early as possible.

Some people present in this meeting objected to the road widening as there is a bypass in that area and the people living in that area are also very poor and it will be an injustice to them. Convincing them, the Commissioner said that it is not possible as it is Supreme Court’s order to widen the road and the people here will be provided with all the facilities.

Tahasildar K Chandramouli , Town Panchayat’s chief officer S. Uma Shankar and others were present on the occasion.

Commissioner B Ramu speaking at the Town Panchayat’s meeting.

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