Code of conduct hampering civic works, says former mayor

Former Mayor Sandesh Swamy has sought amend­ments to the election code of conduct, saying it had stopped him and other corpo­rators and MLAs from carrying out any activities including the upgrading of basic facilities.

Speaking to mediaper­sons on Friday, Swami, to drive home a point, said that a motor pump was dysfunc­tional since six months and he could not get it repaired due to the election code of con­duct in practice.

“We have been witnessing elections one after other in the last six months. We are trou­bling common people in the name of election code of con­duct. This is impractical and needs amendments,” Swamy said, adding, “Upgradation and providing of basic amenities should not come under election code of conduct.”

He also pointed at the as­phalting works due in Jyothi­nagar is put on hold due to the same reason and said that people were facing immense problem in the area.


Expressing his disappointment over disregarding Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar Jayanti

by not celebrating it tomorrow, owing to the election code of conduct in force, Mayor B L Bhyrappa said that he will walk from his house to KR Circle and garland the statue of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar.

The walk, he said, would be in protest against the elec­tion code of conduct which doesn’t allow celebrations or hayanti. “Just because election code of conduct is in force, we cannot ig­nore visionaries like Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar whose contribution to the city is un­forgettable. Bhyrappa said he would start his walk by 7 am tomorrow and garland the statue at KR Circle at 8 am.


Mayor Bhyrappa rubbished a report telecast in a Kannada news channel, accusing a few MCC corporators of misusing funds sanctioned for the eco­nomically weaker sections un­der Gruha Bhagya and BSUP scheme to construct houses.

He said that there were no irregularities in the distribution of assistance amount except in one case in which a lady by name Sannamma had got money sanctioned from two various schemes for the con­struction of houses. “MCC will issue a notice to her and future course of action would be taken,” Bhyrappa said.

Under the schemes, 1,806 people have been selected as beneficiaries out of which 1,503 people were provided with the amount. The remain­ing 303 people failed to meet the criteria and their lands were in dispute, Bhyrappa added.

An assistance amount of Rs 1.80 lakh under BSUP scheme and Rs 75,000 un­der Gruha Bhagya have been sanctioned to the beneficia­ries possessing BPL cards and having own land.

Former Mayors R Lin­gappa, H N Srikantaiah, Purushottam and Standing Committee members Putl­ingaiah, Balu, Shankar and leader of opposition J S Jaga­dish were present.

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