Code system to check spurious medicines

Counterfeiters are lurking in the dark and there’s no guarantee that the medicines sold from the drug stores across India are all genuine. A consumer cannot tell whether the pharma product wrapped in sleek packaging isn’t fake. India is yet to adopt international solutions which are necessary to authenticate medicines and pharmaceutical products that millions of people depend on to combat health conditions. Unlike Pakistan, India doesn’t have a system with which the consumer can check whether a medicine is genuine. 

It’s a different scene in Pakistan where the Drug Regulatory Authority introduced the global unique identification code system to counter the sale of spurious drugs. Under the new system, buyers having smartphones can verify a medicine and its price.  A large part of the procedure will involve oversight, testing, tracking and analysis of practices. The only step required is a strong regulatory oversight with proper testing procedures, and a robust tracing and tracking mechanism. There should also be a centralised depository to analyse the good manufacturing and distribution practices.


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