Coimbatore student attempts Guinness World Records in yoga

Prime News, National, Coimbatore, April 14:- A 16-year-old girl from Coimbatore has performed different yoga postures in an attempt to create Guinness World Records in different categories.

The student S Vaishnavi’s aim is to participate in the Olympics and win a gold medal for India.

According to media reports, she said, “I want to participate in the Olympics and win a gold medal for India in Rhythmic Gymnastics.”

A high school student, Vaishnavi did a ‘natarajasana’ pose, performed contortion chest rolls for 20 metres, put six eggs in cups using her feet while in a contortion chest stand, performed chin stand for seven minutes and burst balloons between her back and head by bending backwards.

The awestruck audience clapped and cheered at each of the teenager’s immaculate attempts. She has also won several local, national, and international competitions.-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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