College invites Modi, Shah as guest students

As the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trusted lieutenant Amit Shah fumbled with his poor understanding of history during a pre-election rally in Assam, India’s one of the top Arts colleges has come forward to offer Shah special class in history.

The college management confirms to have approached Shah’s office to invite him as a guest student at the college to help him put his historical facts right. The gesture from the college management came close on heels of Shah changing the history of Assam by just 300 years.

In a bid to garner more votes while Modi played ‘tea’ card after realising ‘15 lakh in each account’ and ‘Gau Mata’ won’t work in Assam, Shah went a step ahead and created history. Shah claimed that Sukapha (Ahom king) had defeated the Mughals 17 times and drove them away.

“Facts always play a vital role in speeches unless you are Narendra Modi. With people’s level of understanding and knowledge increasing by the day, thanks to the Digital India initiative, keeping in mind correct facts has become necessary,” the college management said.

The management had also invited Modi to attend the special lectures as it said ‘Shah was not the only one, Modi too had committed blunder in the past. During the Lok Sabha election campaign in Patna, Modi had said that Takshashila was in Bihar; it is in Pakistan. Again in 2014, Modi said that freedom fighter Bhagat Singh had spent a long time incarcerated on the Andaman Islands,’ the management said, adding, ‘We doubt if Modi would be able to attend the lectures as they would be held in India.’

Former Union Minister Manish Tiwari was first to take a jibe at the BJP. Tiwari said, “It is absolutely ludicrous for Mr Modi to say he sold Assam tea in Gujarat during pre-poll rally. So when he sold the Assam tea, it was the people of Gujarat who benefitted from it and Mr Modi who earned the profit. He was always concerned about Gujarat and not any other State,” Tiwari said.

Now, this was in Assam election. Whereas in the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh he might say, “The Assam tea that I sold in Gujarat had sugar from UP. I’m indebted to you. In Uttarakhand elections he might say, the Assam tea I sold in Gujarat had water from Uttarakhand’s Himalayan range. I’m indebted to you. And in the Orissa elections he will say the Assam tea that I sold in Gujarat had ginger from the fields of Orissa. I’m indebted to you.”

Modi and Shah were not available for comment.  


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