College’s reputation depends on students: Prof S Vidyashankar

Mysuru, July 23:- “Even if a college has the entire infrastructure, it can’t earn a good name unless the students also contribute,” said the Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) Prof Vidyashankar.

He was speaking at the welcome programme for the first year degree students of JSS Women’s College, Karanji – 2019 on Tuesday.

“Students are becoming lazy. They do not get up early in the morning. You have to read newspapers every day to get better knowledge and information. You have to know what is happening in the world around you,” he said.

“Reading newspaper will improve your knowledge by 10 to 20%. Technology, information, politics and other developments can be known by reading. Make in India has to be achieved completely by 2035,” he added.

“Metro network in the United States is 100 years. Other elevated metro networks begin a hundred years after that of the US. Why are we not coming up in technology? We draw a boundary around us for whatever we have to do. Nothing is impossible to achieve. Hard work will bring you success. Nowadays students take notes on mobile. How will they learn to write? How will they write in the exam? Have the habit of writing in notebooks,” he advised.

“Along with regular classes, participate in extracurricular activities. There is no shortcut to attaining knowledge. Students think that they have joined college to enjoy. If you keep on enjoying, your future will be difficult. Lost time and life won’t come back. It is not enough if you think that you have to get the first rank. For that you have to work hard and implement what you have to do for it,” Prof Vidyashankar said.

Principal of the college Dr KV Suresh, college education director Prof Morabada Mallikarjuna, academic dean Dr HB Suresh, Dr GR Shivamurthy, Dr SP Umadevi and others were present. (MR/GK)

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