Colossal waste

It is pathetic to know all over the world early 220 crore tons of food, which is equivalent to Rs. 4.7 lakh crore, is being wasted. In this only India and China alone are wasting around 130 crore tons of food. In terms of money, India is losing Rs. 60,000 crore every year. On the other side, one death in every 5 seconds is being reported globally due to non- availability of the food. Approximately 20% of the food items, especially fruits and vegetables, are being wasted in the towns and cities. Food wastage is more visible at function halls. Based on the current trend, if Rs. 800 per family per month is saved by avoiding food wastage, it can become Rs. 20 lakh in 30 years by investing it with a 10% compound interest. As the farmers are struggling hard to produce the food, it is everyone’s responsibility to avoid or at least minimize food wastage. Proper planning is required to achieve this.

 Dr  S VN Vijayendra, Mysuru

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