Colours reign supreme in city colleges on Holi

Colours ran riot in the city on Wednesday as college students and children celebrated Holi, by splashing colours on each other and reveled.

Most of the college campuses in the city were the hub of celebrations. Students in large numbers gathered at the University of Mysore campus, Maharani’s College, Maharaja’s College and smeared colours at each other and wished each other Happy Holi and took part in the celebrations.

Holi, the festival of colours, symbolises the victory of good over evil and it also signals the arrival of spring.

While vendors on the busy streets of Shivarampet, Mannars Market and at a few places on the Kalidasa Road were selling all types of colours, bombs filled with colours and sprays, this year saw a great demand for eco-friendly colours.

According to vendors, people were insisted on buying vegetable colours and organic colours.



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