‘COMA’ gets rave reviews worldwide, but no screen space in city theatres

It is a well known fact that shortage of theatres to screen Kannada movies es­pecially to the new commers is the biggest reason for the failure of the Kannada film in­dustry. COMA, a recent Kan­nada film which was released on May 27, starring city-based actors is not an excep­tional case.

Though ‘COMA’ has been receiving good response from the audience and getting huge appreciation in social media, the film team including director duo Ravi Kiran and Chethan and actress Shruthi are unhappy that not even a single screen or show was given for the film in city the­atres.

COMA is a Kannada film made by passionate filmmak­ers starring two city actors in lead and though a week has passed after its release, the film has not yet got place in any Mysuru threatre.

The film also had a pre­mier show in California before its release. The movie has gripping plot and has man­aged to be an entertainer without any compromise in making. Cine goers who have watched COMA have been impressed with the unconven­tional presentation and quirky dialogues where legendary filmmaker Dorai Bhagavan  and director Guruprasad have played key roles.

The film team spoke to City Today and shared expe­riences and hurdles they have faced in its making. Shruthi Nandeesh, a Mysurean and Karthik Kumar who did his engineering in Mysuru are the lead actors. It is a film that portrays the conflict of ideas between old-time filmmak­ers and new-age directors who take center-stage in themovie. The film has managed to secure around 50 and odd theatres including a few mul­tiplexes across the state and the makers are trying to find ways so that the movie is watched by more people.

“The film received rave re­views in the United States and also wide appreciations were received in social media and other platforms.

Most of all, the shows are getting good response but still theatre owners in Mysu­ru are not ready to provide us theatres and the reason they give is that the film is made by newcomers. Though we are newcomers, we have tech­nical experience as most of the crew members in the film are from IT background and before venturing into feature films we were into short film­making where we have re­ceived various awards,” say Ravi Kiran and Chethan, the duo directors.

The film had made its sound in the city as the au­dio was released at Jayci­ana recently. Actress Shruthi Nandeesh, who was last seen in Uppi-2, has a huge fan fol­lowing in the city.

The actress has made a comeback through this film and a lot of promotional ac­tivities were also held in the city during some of the col­lege fests.The film, written and directed by Ravi Kiran and Chethan, has unfold­ed a light-hearted story and has visualised one of the unique stories in the recent ti mes.

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