Commuter-friendly MITRA app launched

Mysureans who frequently use public transportation can save precious time waiting for bus in any route within the city limits. Mysuru Intelligent Transport System (ITS) plat­form of The Karnataka State Transport Corporation (KS-RTC) has launched its much awaited Smartphone app WIITRA’ on Monday.

The app has plenty of commuter-friendly options. Bus timings can be known by simply adding the present location and destination and this will show the time of bus arrival and bus route number which helps to save time.

Besides, there are op­tions for sending alert mes­sages when in trouble, how­ever, the facility is mainly meant for the security of women.

The app is the baby of a talented team of five students from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.

The team was headed by Punith Ganadinni of Infor­mation Science Department. The others were Vikranth of Computer Science, Abhiskek of Computer Science, Ven­kateshwar Kurle of Informa­tion Science, Raghavendra Bada of Information Science and Abhishek Somshekar of department of computer sci­ence.

The KSRTC rewarded them with Rs 5,000 per head, a momento and a certificate for all the members of the team during the launch of app held in a private hotel on Monday.

Union Ministry of State for Urban Development Ad­ditional Secretary D S Mish­ra launched the Mitra in the presence of E V Ramana Reddy, Principal Secretary, Transport, Bengaluru, R K Kataria, KSRTC Managing Director, and Ramesh Krish­nan from the World Bank and others were present.

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