Complaint filed against tower technician

Mysuru, December 25:- A complaint was registered against a tower technician on Monday for pouring less diesel and asking for more money.

A complaint has been registered against Girish, an employee of Infra Tech Pvt Ltd of Srujan Kumar, alleging he has given less diesel than requested and has billed for more quantity of diesel.

He is said to be looking after 18 towers at K R Mohalla, Lakshmipuram, Saraswathipuram. He has taken diesel, saying 5 towers of K R Mohalla require diesel and provided lesser diesel than required and misused the diesel. While inspecting the towers, it was learnt that he had provided 1232 litres less diesel and sold the diesel for Rs 80,000. One Srujan Kumar filed a complaint at K R police station. (MR/KS).

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