Comprehensive virtual session for expectant mothers held at Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru

Mysuru, June 23:- For an expectant mother, her life revolves around the baby as soon as she is confirmed about her pregnancy. During this phase, she is often puzzled about the pregnancy. To address this conundrum, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru, a unit of Manipal Hospitals, had organised “Parent Craft,” a webinar to address all queries from the to-be-mothers. Due to the current Covid situation and the fear of infection, many pregnant women had queries about the precautions they have to take for both themselves and the baby.

Parent Craft is an informative event organised by Columbia Asia Hospital to assist soon-to-be mothers in terms of their health, precautions to be taken during pregnancy, delivery methods and taking care of the newborns. This session not only addressed the queries by expectant mothers, but also proved to be an educative session helping the to-be-parents to understand more about the lifestyle, diet and exercise which they need to follow.

The virtual meet was addressed by Dr Madhura Phatak, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru; Dr Anjali B P, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru and Dr. Bhuvaneshwar, Consultant, Paediatrics, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru.

Topics like premature delivery, preeclampsia, high blood pressure during pregnancy, infections during and after pregnancy, and new methods of delivery were discussed in this virtual meeting.

Highlighting the importance of the session, Dr Madhura said, “Parent Craft helps women to get over their confusions about pregnancy and delivery. This is the time when they have to be relaxed and enjoy every moment. Knowing the facts and breaking the myths is crucial at this point. Creating awareness among the expectant mothers and building their confidence will help in a healthy delivery which is the aim of Parent Craft. During the session, we educated both to-be-mothers and family members and clarified their doubts. The expectant mothers who participated in the webinar were offered special packages on registering with the hospital for delivery.”

Dr Anjali said, “Starting from the right diet to following the required exercise regime, everything counts to have a healthy pregnancy. It is common to be confused during this time. But clarifying it and taking the right step will help both the mother and the infant. With Covid cases everywhere, many had come up with questions about infection during pregnancy and how it might impact their delivery. It is our responsibility to guide them and help them enjoy their pregnancy period.”

While addressing the queries related to the newborns, Dr Bhuvaneshwar said, “Delivering a healthy baby is the foremost concern of every mother and they take all precautions to ensure it. However, taking care of the newborn may be a challenging task initially as the mother needs to be well aware of neonatal procedures like holding the baby or feeding it. Many women get worried about it. The right guidance will help to make these activities easier for the soon-to-be–mothers.”

The hospital also organised exercise demos which are vital during pregnancy and post-delivery. To clear the confusion about the food to be consumed, healthy diet recipes were also shared with the participants. Many expectant mothers joined the meet and enthusiastically shared their experiences. Questions related to delivery options like a vaginal birth, C section, epidural delivery were also discussed during the session.

Seen in the above photo (from left to right) at the virtual session ‘Parent Craft’ held for expectant mothers at Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru are Dr Bhuvaneshwar, Consultant – Pediatrician, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru; Dr Anjali B P – Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru; Dr. Madhura Phatak – Consultant, Obstetrics  and Gynecology, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru and Maria – Chief of Nursing Services, Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru. (MR)

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