Conference on ‘Empowering Indian women: A vision to fly higher’ held in city

Mysuru, June 7:- “According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief, Christine Lagarde, Indian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) could increase by 27 percent if only more women get into workforce including in top positions,” said Dr Shalini Urs, founder-chairperson of MYRA School of Business, Mysuru.

Speaking on topic ‘Womenomics: It is not only empathy and equity but about economics,’ during conference on ‘Empowering the Indian women: A vision to fly higher’ organised by Confederation of Indian Industry, Mysuru, at a private hotel in the city on Wednesday, she said “Though women enrolment and passing percentage in schools and colleges including higher education is more than that of men, the worrying factor is that, they are not getting converted into the work force. Even in medical, engineering and management, women are doing well compared to men.  ‘To Make India’ progress further, more effort should be made to get the women into the workforce.”

Dr B R Pai, past chairman, CII Mysuru and CMD, VWF Industries said “There are multi-task qualities inbuilt in women. When it comes to work they are more superior to that of men. They have all capabilities including much needed patience to take up whatever responsibilities given to them. Because of these inbuilt qualities women by design are entrepreneurs. Apart from all this they can also manage finance much better than the men folks.

Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Bali, immediate past chairman, CII Karnataka and managing director, Volvo India Pvt Ltd, said “If India wants to be superpower in the world; women’s participation is very much needed. We are working on one leg by not making maximum use of women’s talent. Women are much superior to men because they are more serious, sincere and apathetic. Rising women work forces should be the important agenda for the country. The conference like this should focus on how we can make best use of women talent and how to empower them”. He also spoke on topic ‘Breaking free.. Off the boundaries’ such as conventional barriers which are mostly created by myth and fear of failure.

Rajamatha Dr Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, who was the chief guest, said that to be successful in life including in work or entrepreneur, one must have belief, self confidence and should know rights and responsibility. She said, all women should be given an opportunity to achieve what they deserve and desire.

Quoting Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr Pramoda Devi said, ‘When women move forward the family moves and when the family moves the village moves and the nation moves towards prosperity.’

As part of the conference, former international athlete and Arjuna Awardee Reeth Abraham delivered talk on ‘Empowering the Indian women:  A vision to fly higher.’

Mrin Agarwal, co-founder, Womantra spoke on ‘Enhancing financial awareness and empowering women in financial matters; C Champakala, chief clinical nutritionist, Apollo BGS Hospital spoke on ‘Myths about food and calories,’ Dr Arti Behl, consultant psychiatrist, spoke on ‘Stress management’ and Shruthi M Ramakrishna, delivery manager, Infosys Limited, delivered a talk on ‘Work life balance.’ -(KK)

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