‘Cong can’t be revived as major natl party anymore’

The Congress cannot be revived as a major national party of its golden old days any time in the future though its decline may be arrested for some years, says author Ramachandra Guha. “The decline may be arrested for some time. It may linger for a long time. But I don’t think it can revive as a major national party in the shape it was at one point of time,” Guha said while delivering the Netaji Oration 2017 on Monday. Speaking on “The long life and lingering death of the Indian National Congress”, the 58-year-old historian and writer joked that he was even prepared to “bet my smartphone” on the 231-year-old party’s non-revival. To a query from the audience about the trend among the Indian electorate to turn to the grand old party whenever anti-incumbency caught up with governments run by the non-Congress regimes, Guha replied: “My sense is we have now past that stage.” The Bengaluru-based Guha felt that one should not now harbour notions of the Congress replacing the Narendra Modi government in 2019 or even in 2024.

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