Cong MLA Tanveer Sait asks BJP not to politicise Indira Canteen issue

Mysuru: Lashing out at BJP’s move to rename Indira Canteen, Congress MLA Tanveer Sait on Saturday told the media that the ruling party should not stoop down to such a low level.  He said, “Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s contribution to the country is well known and BJP should not politicise the issue unnecessarily.”

He said, “Indira Canteen is Congress’ ambitious project for the poorer sections of the society. The present BJP government is planning to shun the project. Indira Canteen proved to be a blessing in disguise during the pandemic days.  If the state government tries to play politics, we can’t sit quietly. We will be forced to take our fight to a different level.”

Sait said, “The whole concept came into effect when Siddarmaiah was at the helm of affairs. No sooner the BJP government came to power, it wanted to close all the canteens meant for the labour class. This is nothing but petty politics.”

The Congress MLA said, “The question is not about the name. It was Indira Gandhi who started Garibi Hatao scheme. As a tribute to her, we started Indira Canteen.  The issue was discussed in the Assembly before it took shape. The BJP should have raised an objection then itself. If the state government has better schemes to solve people’s hunger issues, it is welcome.” (MR/KS).



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