Congress never sidelined SM Krishna: CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah clarified on Wednesday that his party hadn’t sidelined any of its leaders and that the party treated everyone equally, be it senior, youth or women leaders.

He was commenting on the statement made by the senior leader and former External Affairs Minister S M Krishna that he had decided to quit Congress as the party sidelined him due to his age. “Krishna is a prominent political personality. We need him in the party. Efforts are being made to convince him to return to the party. Even Congress high command is in talks with SM Krishna,” Siddaramaiah said on his arrival at the Mandakalli Airport, to inaugurate the Adivasi conference at Karnataka Exhibition Authority premises, on Wednesday.

He added that he would also speak to him and try to convince him to change his mind. The CM maintained that SM Krishna wasn’t sidelined by the party and that he was invited to all the crucial party meetings. “SM Krishna was present in the coordination meeting along with Jaffer Sharief. The party has always considered suggestions from its senior leaders,” he said.

State Budget in March

The Chief Minister announced Wednesday that the state budget would be presented in March, most likely in the second week. He said that he had conducted a review meeting on various state government schemes and had found that officials needed to buckle up to extend the reach of the schemes.


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