Congress – Rejuvenate or perish

The Congress is at its lowest, as observed from its tragic performance in State Legislature elections in India.  The glorious past of more than a century of existence of this grand old party is now history and even though some of its aims and objectives are still relevant, time has come for INC to either rejuvenate or perish.  


    Reasons for decay can broadly be categorized as under:


      Bickering between top leaders

      Narcissism, egoism and jealousy

      Personality syndromes

      ‘Me first’ and ‘party next’ attitude

      Power mongering

      Caste politics

     Women not being recognized as a force to reckon with

    Youth leaders being sidelined

     Sincere grassroots workers are feeling neglected

     Negligence towards electorate

    Absence of knowledge of party manifesto

    Grouping/leg pulling leading to dismal performance

     Absence of successful ‘last mile’ approach

∙   Ignorance of knowledge of welfare projects of Government

Admission of criminals into mainstream politics

    Money and muscle power

    Cross voting without ethos

   Absence of behavioral science in leaders

   Party has become a platform for personal gains

   Compromising party interest for selfish motives

   Absence of a effective public relation

   Eroding values within the party.

  Over-dependency on charismatic powers of top leaders/dynastic ruling members.

    High command syndrome


What can be done?


Go back to basics – learn well the party manifesto and programmes of the INC – past and present – Ignorance is no excuse

      Organise crash programmes of O&M and Training to leaders to drive home that one cannot go to the voter without knowing what they can give to him

      Train them in parliamentary procedures and  behavioral science so that they can perform in a dignified manner in Parliament and Legislature

      Teach them how not to annihilate the opposition parties with personal attacks – they should look at their own back and learn  to overcome mundane feelings of anger and dismay and perform with dignity and decorum

      Make it clear that they should not make false promises that cannot delivered

      Mere presence at public functions does not impress the present day electorate – they know better

      Educated techies are grouping themselves to make a splash in politics – give them encouragement because they want better governance

      Bring them to the fold of INC, with proper approach but without antagonizing their aims and aspirations – blend party programmes to suit their needs and requirements – youth should come to fore

    Utilise the immense wealth of knowledge of elderly leaders and make them the guiding lights for the younger generations.

    Just because they are experienced, the elders should not command and demand respect and keep breathing on the neck of youngsters (present day generation is averse to such sulking and nagging scenarios, even at homes) 

      The think tank should be a highly motivated body of senior leaders to hold the reigns of power in the background and keep on initiating corrective measures to young leaders who may jell with the young voters and bring them to the fold



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