Congress’ ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign seeks to perpetuate rule of dynasty, says Amit Shah

Prime News, National (New Delhi), April 23:- Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi, BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said the ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign launched by the Congress chief is an exercise to save the dynasty. He added that if there is one political party that has trampled over the Constitution in letter and spirit, time and again, it is the Opposition party.

Shah added that the Opposition party’s ‘Modi hatred’ has turned into ‘India hatred’. He made a mention of the Congress’ move to impeach the Chief Justice of India and said it is part of a trend to demonise and weaken every institution that seeks to maintain its individual identity and does not “kowtow to the dynasty”.

Moreover, the BJP chief cited the Congress’ alleged attack on the CAG, Election Commission, the Army and the Supreme Court at different points of time and its imposition of the Emergency in 1975.

“The Congress’ ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign is nothing but a farce that seeks to perpetuate the rule of the dynasty over the rule of democracy. Like in the past, we need to protect the Constitution from the Congress,” he said.

“If there is one party that has destroyed the spirit of our Constitution, it is the Congress. They do not want the rule of democracy but they want the rule of the dynasty. Hence this is a farce of a movement by their president.” (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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