Congress to observe ‘black day’ on November 8 to mark 2nd anniversary of demonetisation

Prime News, National (New Delhi), November 6:- The Congress party has once again geared up to observe ‘black day’ on November 8, Thursday to mark the second anniversary of demonetisation. The Centre, however, has been standing firm on its much-criticised decision to ban old currency notes of high denomination.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not mention about the aim to reduce cash transactions in his November 8 speech last to last year, the government later said that the note ban was also aimed at to make India a less-cash economy.

The Congress had been training guns at the Modi government for the move, a failure. In March, on the eve of five hundred days of demonetisation, the Congress had compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a ‘sheep’ with ‘harebrained idea’.

Taking to Twitter, the grand old party had shared, “Today marks 500 days of one of the greatest disasters in Indian history. On this day, we remember all those innocent people who lost their lives because of one person’s harebrained idea #DemoDisaster.” In the accompanying image, the party had written, “#DeMonetisation reminds us of sheep who cheered when their leader promised them a blanket each. Till one sheep asked, ‘Where will the wool come from?’ – Merwyn Ferrao” (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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