Conspiracy theories emerge around Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide shock

Prime News, National (Indore), June 13:- In a shock move that spread ripples across circles, spiritual guru Bhayyuji Maharaj shot himself dead on Tuesday afternoon. All he left behind was a suicide note where he claimed to be stressed out and “fed up”.

The model-turned-godman has several followers including top politicians and Bollywood artists.

Barely hours after his suicide, as followers grappled to come to terms with the news, several conspiracy theories and accusations on what led him to take such an extreme step started doing the rounds.

Bhayyuji reportedly committed suicide in his daughter’s room.

Marriage woes?

Bhayyuji married twice. His first wife Madhavi died in November 2015. He married his second wife Ayushi in 2017. His 18-year-old daughter Kuhu from his first marriage lives in Pune.

According to emerging reports, his daughter has accused Ayushi of creating troubles and even went to extent of blaming her for the suicide. Ayushi has denied all allegations and instead blamed the daughter for troubles.

CCTV footage

Amid all confusion, a new CCTV footage from an Indore hotel has emerged. Nearly 23 hours before his death, Bhayyuji – dressed in all white – arrived alone at the restaurant and took a seat, the entire time talking on the phone. After a few minutes, his second wife joined him across the table. The duo seemed to be immersed in an intense discussion. Later, Bhayyuji left the restaurant alone.

While Bhayyuji clearly indicated that he was stressed in the suicide note, sources have told Zee Media that there was discontent in the family without revealing the reasons behind.

Sources added that he was clearly stressed for past few days.

Property dispute

There was allegedly a property dispute between the families of the first wife and second wife, though details of it are sketchy.

In a heartwrenching scene, Bhayyuji’s mother, daughter, and wife were seen together, crying, during the last rites.

In yet another allegation, sources stated that Bhayyuji’s was under immense pressure to join Bharatiya Janata Party. Earlier this year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had offered him the position of a state minister, but Bhayyuji turned him down. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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