Constitution is the holy book of India: Justice Nagamohan Das

Mysuru, February 5:- “Bhagavdgita is the holy book for Hindus. Bible and Quran are the holy books of Christians and Muslims. The Constitution of India is the sacred book of every Indian,” said retired justice of Karnataka High Court, Nagamohan Das.

He was addressing the 176 -177th batch of trainees at Administrative Training Institute in the city on Monday, on the formation and challenges for the ideas of the Constitution on Monday.

“If we have tolerance, we will have affection. If we have affection, we can progress. We Indians have to accept plurality in the society and live harmoniously,” he said.

“There is no problem in the Constitution of India, but with those who implement it. Constitution of India is not a novel or a poetry. It gives proper guidance to construct the nation strongly. If we don’t understand the nation, we won’t be able to understand the Constitution. It is the mother of all the laws. The implementation of the Constitution is shared among legislature, executive and judiciary,” he said.

“190 nations of the world have their own Constitutions. We have to understand our Constitution and work to implement it. India has achieved a lot after independence. We were not a sovereign nation before independence. We didn’t have the concept of unity before that. We have become a nation because of the Constitution,” he added.

Joint director of ATI Bhagyalakshmi administered oath. Manjunath Dollina, Ashok Kumar D, Nijamuddin, Dr Christina Kantharaj and training convener Dr Harish and others were present. (MR/KS)

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