Contaminated water kills crocodile

Kukkarahalli lake, which comes under the administration of the University of Mysore, has witnessed the death of a crocodile. It is
said that the contaminated water has caused its death.

The dead crocodile was found floating in the lake on Sunday morning by the morning walkers. “I am a regular visitor to the lake since five
years. Poisonous chemicals flow into the lake and consumption of it might have caused the death of the crocodile,” said Ravishankar.

Dr Nagaraj, who conducted the post-mortem of the animal said that it looks having died of bad health. Kidney, liver and heart have been
sent for examination. After studying the report, the exact reason for the death of the crocodile can be ascertained.

Environmentalists have requested the officials to stop letting the waste water into the lake and urged them to save the Kukkarahalli lake.

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