‘Contribution of Indian mathematicians significant’

Dr K Chidananda Gowda, former VC of Kuvempu University, highlighted the contributions of Aryabhatta, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Bhaskara and others

Manasagangotri: Former vice chancellor of Kuvempu University Dr K Chidananda Gowda lauded the contribution of India to the field of mathematics on Sunday.

He was speaking at the valedictory of 6th Refresher Course in Mathematical Sciences with thrust area “Graph theory and its applications,” organised for the college and university assistant professors at Human Resource Development Centre, Manasagangotri.

He spoke on the topic ‘Mathematics: Indian Contribution.’
Addressing the gathering he said that Indian mathematicians made brilliant contributions in the field of the study, in fact ancient India was responsible for the discovery of zero and infinite. In the 5th century itself we knew about Pythagoras theorem which was later said to be a discovery of Pythagoras. Aryabhatta, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Bhaskara were great mathematicians and their work still remains as a work space for the present generation of mathematicians. Claiming India’s role in the growth of the subject many scientists have lauded the country saying that these inventions were prominent in the development of scientific technology.

Dr Chidanandagowda said that the concept of university is from European concept but the concept originated in India and not from west as it is believed. Nalanda University was one of the ancient universities which has well established libraries.

Around 40 participants from various states took part in the programme.
Director UGC Human Resource Centre Prof Lingaraja Gandhi, Course Coordinator Prof D Soner Nandappa and others were present.

Bhaskara who hailed from a village in Mysuru district also contributed immensely to the field of Mathematics. He discovered the concept of infinite, set theory, permutation, combination and so on, noted Dr K Chidananda Gowda.

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