Contributions of libraries is immense: Dr Ramashesh

Mysuru, October 11:- A session on ‘Good practices and habits in life’ was organised at Nataraja Women’s First Grade College by the departments of Library and Kannada recently.

Convener of Dr S Radhakrishnan Philosophy and Indian Culture Centre, Dr C P Ramashesh inaugurated the event.

“Library and good habits play an important role in one’s personality development. The aim of life is to find peace and happiness. By conducting such discussions, college students get to learn what is not there in their syllabus, but in life. Charaka, Nachiketa, Vachaspathi, Shankaracharya and Pathanjali sages studied and thought over what they studied. That is how they could contribute so much to the world,” he said.

G Prasadamurthy, principal Dr M Sharada, B R Shubha Urs and others were present. (MR/SH).

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