Controversy: Tanveer Sait followers back him

When protests are racking up against the education minister Tanveer Sait what with the opposition BJP urging the government to oust  him from the cabinet for watching explicit videos during Tipu Jayanti, followers of  the minister   stated that he had done no mistake and those who are protesting against him should apologise to him.

According to a press release, Sait, it seems, has given his cell phone number to the public and had solved the problems which they brought to his notice by call or Whatsapp. “During the Tipu Jayanti celebration held at Raichur, the minister was reading his Whatsapp messages and someone had sent him explicit photos. He tried to know who had sent those and he couldn’t find who the sender was and closed the messages.”

The press release further stated that these protests by the BJP are to defame the minister who is known for his good deeds. They urged the BJP and the media to apologise to the minister immediately.

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