Coop societies can benefit all if managed well: Minister

Minister for Co-operatives and Sugar H S Mahadev Prasad noted that cooperative societies should emulate the success in Raichur, Bidar and Gulbarga


With the increase in the number of cooperative societies in the state to 3,350, the responsibility on the part of the administration of the cooperative societies has become imperative. Trust and good administration was something that was attracting lakhs of customers to this sector and thus it ought to be maintained,” said Minister for Co-operatives and Sugar H S Mahadev Prasad.


Speaking at the launch of Samanvaya Cooperative Society, Mysuru, branch of which was inaugurated by Suttur Seer Shivratri Deshikendra Mahaswami on Ratan Singh lane in Mandi Mohalla, the minister said that cooperative societies were popular among people for providing easy loans and other facilities.


He pointed that the cooperative societies were doing good in Raichur, Bidar and Gulbarga districts and a number of people are benefiting from them.


“Cooperative societies in other parts of the state should take inspiration from the way societies are being managed leading to the comprehensive development and growth of the cooperative societies. The state government is extending all its support towards their development,” he said.


The minister further said that the sector was doing well with more than 11,000 crore transaction and has more than 25 lakh members. It had immensely contributed in providing employment to more than 26,000 people.


Suttur Seer Shivaratri Deshikendra Mahaswami, former MLC Tontadarya, President of Karnataka Rajya Souharda Samyukta Sahakari Gurunath Jyantikar, Vice President H U Rajeev and President of Samanvaya Cooperative Society, Mysuru, J R Parameshwar were present. 

 Minister for Co-operatives and Sugar H S Mahadev Prasad lauded the co-operative societies for benefitting people at large and generating large scale employment.


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