CoP asked to order probe into assault of man

Mysuru, June 26:- The Directorate of Human Rights has ordered a complaint to be registered against Mandi Police Inspector and staffs for allegedly assaulting a person after illegally arresting him.

Mandi Police had arrested one Muttu, a resident of Bannimantap for interrogation and later released him. His wife has filed a complaint at the Directorate of Human Rights against Police Inspector Narayana Swamy and staff, alleging they have assaulted Muttu brutally which damaged his kidneys. The directorate carried out an investigation on the issue.

The directorate considered the complaint seriously and visited the hospital where Muttu is being treated. During the inquiry, they learnt that both his kidneys were damaged and instructed the Commissioner of Police to conduct an investigation against Narayana Swamy and staff. (MR/KS)

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