Cops’ meeting discusses strict measures in Nanjangud

Mysuru, April 28:- A meeting of Nanjangud Circle Police was held at the office of Deputy SP on Monday to discuss measures to be followed to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Police have been instructed to wear washed, ironed, full sleeve uniforms every day and make sure that no one touches the uniform at home after returning home after duty. The police were asked to mingle with family members only after taking a shower. The police staff have been instructed to maintain social dispensing, clean hands with soaps or sanitisers every one hour or if the police touch any object or a person. Staff have been instructed to wear masks always and bring it to the notice of higher officials if there are any health-related issues.

Police Stations have been asked not to allow people inside the police station and if the situation demands, they have been asked to receive complaints while maintaining a physical distance. Only one person is allowed to file a complaint. People are allowed to file complaints only after washing their hands at the police station.  The stations have been instructed to store required soaps and sanitisers. Property dispute and NC complaints will be received but action will be taken only after coronavirus pandemic gets over. The staff have been asked to follow rules during spot investigation, arrest, postmortem while receiving a statement and other inevitable works. The police are instructed not to carry out raids on gambling as of now as a measure of precaution. PSIs are instructed to get the police station and vehicles sprayed with disinfectants. Officials taking part in seizing operations are instructed to get sanitised before and after the operation.

Staff at check-posts should be provided with food and drinking water, hand gloves, masks and hand sanitisers by the sub-inspector. They have to maintain social distancing with the public and not touch documents with bare hands. If anyone tries to cross the check-posts without pass even by walk, they have to be quarantined by bringing it to the notice of higher officials. Check-post staff are requested to behave nicely with the public.

Staff visiting quarantined people are instructed to compulsorily wear N95 face masks, face glass, viser, gloves, and carry a sanitiser bottle with them. They are instructed to not enter houses having quarantined people. Inspection of quarantined people should be held in the presence of ASHA workers and medical staff. The staff has to be sanitised before and after inspection. Neighbourhood people should be asked to keep an eye on quarantined people and make sure that they inform if quarantined people try to go out.

Any attack on the staff during an inspection should be immediately brought to the notice of higher officials.  Police have been instructed to not compromise with sanitisation at any cost.

Dy SP Prabhakar Rao Shinde, Town PSI Ravi Kumar, Rural PSI Satish and others were present. (MR/KS)

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