Corona third wave: Mysuru DHO Dr Prasad allays fear over children

Prime News, Karnataka, Health, Disease, Mysuru, June 23:- The District Health Officer of Mysuru, Dr K H Prasad on Tuesday (June 22) allayed fears that more and more children are getting affected by coronavirus.

He was reacting to reports in some of the leading dailies in the city.  He said, “We have thoroughly verified after the reports were published. Between March and June, the district reported 1,63,000 positive cases.”

In a statement Dr Prasad said, “As per the monthly positive cases, around 2-3% of children in the age group of 0-10 years tested positive for the virus. In the month of June, around 700 children got infected with coronavirus from a total caseload of 19,000. Ever since the pandemic hit the country, there have been cases of children getting affected with coronavirus.”

The DHO said, “The number of deaths among the children in the age group of 0-10 is 9 this month. The death is also due to various other diseases and we can’t say it is all due to coronavirus. Given this scenario, we can’t say more children are getting affected by the virus in the third wave. Public need not panic over reports.”  (MR/KS)

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