Coronavirus has taught us a good lesson

By Dr S V N Vijayendra

Dr S V N Vijayendra

Mysuru, April 1:- The novel coronavirus (Covid-19), which is responsible for the pandemic across the globe, has taught us many things. It made us realise the importance of personal hygiene in our daily life and the bonding needed in the family system. It also taught us how fast we can create facilities in short notice to tackle emergency situations.

Converting train coaches into isolation wards is the best example of this. So far, no government of other countries might have got this idea. Similarly, no other country has declared complete lockdown which helps to break the spread of the virus. However, it is unfortunate that still many are not following it. Many are ignoring the rule of maintaining the minimum physical distance.

Even now, triple riding without masks and helmets is seen on the roads. It is learnt that many home quarantine people are freely roaming in the city ignoring government warnings. There is every possibility of the virus spreading if some of these home-quarantined people turn out to be positive in the future. And if this happens, it may force the government to extend the lockdown period for some more days.

Hence, it should have been better if these people are put in isolation for better monitoring, thereby restricting their movement.  The people should cooperate with the government for not to move to community spread of the Covid-19 in the country which may pose a great threat to the population under the given conditions in the nation.

Stern action is needed against those who are responsible for the willful spread of the disease. Covid-19 has also brought in other health risks for alcoholics. In the absences of sale of liquor (desi or bottled), many are developing mental disturbance and the rush at mental hospitals is increasing. We have to pay our gratitude to all medical fraternity, police force and sanitation workers for their invaluable service during this crucial period.

Covid-19 has destabilised many families, especially of daily wage earners and labourers. It is affecting the economy of several countries, including the so-called developed nations, and industry, especially the aviation and manufacturing industry. (The writer is a regular contributor to City Today and Traffic Warden and member, City Traffic Advisory Committee, Mysuru)


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