Corporator’s husband misbehaves with senior citizen


The duty of corporators is to solve the problems prevailing in the wards they represent. But a corporator is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Her husband is accused of threatening a senior citizen who had gone to the corporator’s house, seeking some help.

The concerned  citizen had gone to the residence of  corporator of ward no 47, Shamshad Begum,  with a genuine problem. As expected, it was the duty of the corporator to talk to the concerned person. Instead, her husband, Arif Hussain, who had no business whatsoever to interfere, allegedly threatened the senior person who had gone to meet the corporator. Corporator’s husband, it seems, is close to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. Residents of the area say that the corporator is there only for the namesake. It is  her husband, they complain, handles her day-to-day affairs.

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