Corrupt officials are an insult to Sir MV

It is public knowledge that politician-babus-contractor nexus has played havoc in subverting the system to loot tax payers’ money to help themselves to huge corruption money.  It is sad that in a land of engineer statesman Sir M Visvesvaraya who left a legacy of sterling  honesty and hard work, the Mysuru engineers  who made a name and fame both in India and abroad the succeeding generation of engineers has gradually besmirched this reputation by indulging in  unethical practices and presently it has reached the nadir as  revealed in the case of raid by IT sleuths on government officials were found with Rs 152  crore of unaccounted money including Rs 4.7 crore  in the new Rs 2000 notes., Rs  6 crore in cash and other documents relating to properties. There are many reasons for such a deterioration in value system including relegating merits at the anvil of reservation based on caste instead of economic consideration. This only implies whether honest engineers are left in Karnataka at all. The usual formula for the loot on contract is 40-20-40 which is self-explanatory.

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