Corruption charges against PWD staff

Public Works Department (PWD) is filled with corrupt officers and though Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is in the know, no action has been taken, complained Veera Kannada makkala balaga, Mysuru.

S C Rajesh, president, Veera Kannadigara makkala balaga, said that even though a complaint was registered in ACB office regarding the corruption in PWD, no FIR has been registered yet.“The accused officer, Geetha Channapatna is alleged to be a close aide of the Chief Minister and hence there has been no action taken against her. Many evidences including voice recordings and photographs have already been submitted to the ACB but there has been no case registered against her,” he said.

R B Basave Gowda, the complainant to the ACB, said that officers, Janardhan and Geetha are accepting bribes from contractors and are sanctioning tenders only to a selected group of contractors. The PWD has turned itself into a hub of corruption and yet nobody is raising their voices against it,” he complained. Basave Gowda is a PWD contractor himself.

Jagadish, vice president, M S Manjunath, secretary and others were present.

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