Councillors oppose emergency meeting on Amruta Yojane: postponed to March 31

A pre-budget emergency meeting on the central government’s Amruta Yojane called by the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Mayor B L Bhyrappa has been postponed to March 31 followed by an uproar by the councillors at meeting.

The councillors did not let the meeting start claiming ‘not all the councillors were appraised of the meeting and only 28 councillors out of 65 were informed about the meeting.”

“I do not understand the purpose of this meeting. We have been called to discuss on Amruta Yojane and the time given for the discussion is less than 30 minutes. What output can we expect in such a short span,” former mayor Ayub Khan argued.

He added saying that not approaching all the corporators for the emergency meeting shows the mayor’s hidden agenda. The councillors demanded that either the meeting should continue for the day or the budget.

“Both cannot be held the same day as no adequate time will be available for the discussion,” the councillors said.

Bhyrappa, however, chose to postpone the meeting to March 31 and the meeting will be held at 3 pm.

Amruta Yojane is a central government scheme to be implemented in association with the state government. The 157-crore scheme which is aimed at improving water facilities and parks in the city is to be implemented with the union government contributing 50 percent of the amount and the state government contributing 20 percent. While the rest of the amount has to be borne by the MCC.  

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