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Coupons a hot favourite among Mysuru’s online shoppers

If you are someone who shops online without using coupons, think twice.

A recently conducted survey indicates that four out of every five online shoppers plan ahead and seek out coupons before they shop for any product or service online. The trend has caught up in a city like Mysuru too where there are sizable number of online coupon users.

The study conducted by online coupon site Shop Pirate Coupons reveals that coupons are the biggest draw among online shoppers.

An online coupon refers to a discount code or number that can be redeemed on a website. Like traditional coupons, online coupons are used to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of new customers. However, online coupons offer a retailer much clearer analytics on which promotions are more successful, and can even help track whether new customers become loyal customers.

According to the study, Indians in the age group of 25-34 are the biggest users of coupons. The reason being that they are the most tech-savvy and have higher disposable income. At the same time, they look to save even on extravagant spending.

The number one destination for coupon hunting is mobile apps. The study also indicated that people in tier-I cities are bigger users of coupons. In the top cities like Mumbai, a whopping 85 per cent relied on coupons to save big on online shopping. Indian cities saving the most include: Mumbai, Mangalore, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Chennai and Mysuru.

Shop Pirate survey data source was taken through Google Trends, emails with bloggers and interaction with online shoppers.

Online coupons are usually only valid for the online component of a store and cannot be redeemed at a physical store location. This is primarily because the overhead costs of products from an online store and a physical store are very different, so the same discount cannot be fairly applied.

Traditional coupons can, however, be found online – usually at a retailer’s website – and printed off for in-store redemption. Online coupons may be sent by email or social media to loyal customers, or they may be posted as ad campaigns or to online coupon aggregation sites.

Source: IANS/ Techopedia

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