COVID-19: Empower people with correct info on virus

By Rashmi C

Rashmi C

Mysuru, May 23:- Centre and the state government are taking all necessary steps to face the challenge and threat posed by the pandemic of COVID-19. The most important factor in preventing the spread of virus locally is to empower citizens with correct information and following public health guidelines such as wearing the face mask, washing hands with soap regularly, maintaining social distance and staying at home. Different information technologies that are being used by the central and state government to disseminate information among the citizens are Dashboards and Google maps.


The dashboard is another name for a progress report. It is displayed on a web page which is linked to a database that allows the report to be constantly updated. COVID-19 cases are rising every single day in India and around the globe. Following are the Dashboards launched by Centre and Karnataka.

India COVID-19

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), GoI has started maintaining a new dashboard used to track the number of cases reported in India. Just like most other dashboards, this one displays the number of reported cases, deaths and the number of patients recovered.

COVID-19 Dashboards providing near real-time tracking. Built as an ArcGIS dashboard, the map pulls in information from a wide range of sources to be able to provide frequent daily updates. The coronavirus map now has six map tabs displaying COVID-19 statistics for the entire country (confirmed, recovered and death cases).

Sahyog COVID-19 India

The Sahyog application developed by the Survey of India is being customised specifically to help the officials working in the COVID-19 war rooms across the nation. Focusing particularly on the localised delivery of healthcare services, the app would allow volunteers and COVID-19 foot soldiers to feed geotagged information to the platform. So, for instance, if the coronavirus pandemic war room officials need the exact location of all entry and exit points of a containment zone or if they want to know the area size of empty hotels that can be converted into makeshift quarantine centres, the Sahyog app could help them do that.

Karnataka Covid-19 dashboard

Karnataka is maintaining a new dashboard used to track the number of cases reported in the state.KarnatakaCOVID-19dashboard created specifically for Karnataka state by Karnataka state disaster management authority (KSDMA). Dashboard displays age-wise,gender-wise split total cases, daily hospitalisation reports, daily cases, primary contact vs total cases, domestic and international travels, District wise split of total cases.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is a system designed to capture and analyse data using spatial trends. In the context of disease surveillance and monitoring, it integrates data such as the area of outbreak, population health and available infrastructure in the area to identify the population at risk. GIS has been used and tackles several communicable and non-communicable diseases.

COVID-19 geospatial portal

GIS is a tool used for mapping the vulnerable areas in mapping the locations of quarantine personnel and tracking the hotspots. The data is marked onto the maps. The positive cases or quarantined personnel address is identified and located on this map by forming a cluster zone of COVID-19, containment zone of 3 km and a buffer zone of 7 km and are overlayed those maps together in creating a wide grid. GIS is used to figure out in mapping the red zone, green zone and orange zone areas, developed by Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre (KSRSAC).

Google maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service. For Information of locations of Fever clinics, Covid-19 Designated Government Hospitals, Quarantine Centres, Isolation Centres and Testing Centres in Karnataka, easy to access map for citizens. This is user friendly and can be accessed everywhere on their smartphones.

Information Technology plays a major role in COVID-19 response. The development and implementation of technology solutions aimed at combating COVID-19, the outbreak is rapidly taking shape in the country. The usage of the above said different application of information technology make citizens easy to access the data on their smartphones, desktop/laptops making user friendly.

(The writer is a System Officer at Centre for Disaster Management, Administrative Training Institute, Mysuru).

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