CPI urges central govt to help people

Mysuru, June 16:- Communist Party of India staged a protest on Tuesday (June 16), urging the central government to help the public during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The protesters, who had gathered in front of the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office here, said that the number of coronavirus cases is increasing in India rapidly and has neared 3 lakh. They said that nearly 10,000 patients have lost their lives due to coronavirus. They said that the sudden announcement of lockdown led to lakhs of workers losing jobs. They alleged the government of trying to destroy farmer-friendly rules.

“Fuel prices saw a steep hike for nine consecutive days  Fuel prices should be reduced immediately. Rs 7,500 should be provided to all families below tax slab for 6 months. Free food grains should be provided to people for 6 months. Unemployment pension should be announced immediately,” they said.

District secretary Basavaraj and others were present. (MR/KS)

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