Crack in Nandi idol, devotees demand immediate repair

Mysuru, June 10:- The famous Nandi idol at Chamundi Hills has developed a crack. The nearly 400-year-old  statue was constructed between 1659 and 1673. The major attraction of Chamundi Hills, the Nandi idol gets abhisheka done twice a year. Now the leg portion of the idol has developed a crack.

The statue which was completely black was given a polish and wash last year which turned the idol into white. Thinkers have alleged that it is due to the chemical effect. They said that the statue has not been maintained properly which resulted in the crack.

None of the officials seems to be bothered about the crack in the statue. The administration of Chamundi Hills has also remained silent. Devotees are offering prayers to the statue amidst the crack.

People have urged concerned departments to get the statue repaired immediately. (MR\KS).

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