Creative writer should not give speeches: Dr S L Bhyrappa

'Gadugina Bharata' by Kumaravyasa and edited by Dr C P Krishna Kumar released

Mysuru, January 2:- “Giving speeches is a tough task for me. A creative writer should not give speeches,” said renowned senior Kannada litterateur Dr S L Bhyrappa.

He was speaking after releasing the new edition of ‘Gadugina Bharata’ by Kumaravyasa, edited by Dr C P Krishna Kumar. The event was organised by Tanumana Prakashana and Kannada Sahitya Kalakoota in the city on Wednesday.

“I agreed to participate in the event as CPK has edited the book. I used to hear Kumaravyasa Bharata as a small kid. Prior to every programme, Kumaravyasa Bharata was being sung in Mysuru region in the 1940s,” he said.

“After independence, Hanumanthaiah published the book. He had a very rare cultural sense. The book was of great quality and was sold for only Rs 2. Around 50,000 copies of the book were printed. Many people sold it for Rs 7-8 in the black market. Kumaravyasa Bharata can be understood even by villagers. There is no book on par with it. Though CPK has summarised it, he has included everything. If the government could print it and sell it at a lower price, it would be a divine work,” he said.

“I am not the editor of this book, but a composer. Popular books may not be great and great books may not be popular. The government had published the Kumaravyasa Bharata completely in 1958. Later, several scholars have published popular editions. I have composed it keeping the government copy,” said CPK.

Publisher of the book Manasa, Dr Pradhan Gurudutt, Rajashekhar Kadamba, Manjula Manasa of Tanumana Prakashana and M Chandrashekhar of Kannada Sahitya Kalakoota were present. (MR/GK)

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