Creativity will drive India’s prosperity: Anyone listening?

A special “Nobel Series” session was a notable addition at the latest Vibrant Gujarat Summit (January 9-12).  Nine laureates were invited to share their thoughts about the challenges of humankind and what could be done to alleviate them. A Nobel exhibition is housed in Ahmedabad’s Science City for five weeks post the summit. The scientists discussed the importance of science and technology for India to become a knowledge superpower. They also interacted with students and shared their research and general approach to science and technology. While all this bodes well for the rise of Indian states in the global arena, what is important is that, of late, Indian states are recognising the need for not only inviting creative individuals but also trying to enable an ecosystem that helps people grow and make the best of every opportunity. A question is: Why foster science and technology or even creativity? Many scholars, economists and public policy professionals have devoted considerable time on understanding the sources of a nation’s prosperity. Some of them opine that economic prosperity arises as a result of “institutions”.


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